Ekmek Dostlarının ilk ve tek buluşma noktası
About this site

Access to the forum "EkmekSanati.info" which is the first and only platform
of Bread Friends has gone offline as of 12:48 on 18.04.2018.

The reason for disruption of access; GoDaddy, the owner of Linux Hosting of
the webpage which has been in use since 2008, offered to move our
platform to Plesk environment because of the limited options of Linux
Hosting. Following their advice, we moved our forum to Plesk in accordance
with GoDaddy's suggestion and later, the installation didn't finalize by
GoDaddy representatives, therefore access to the forum is ceased.

To solve this issue, many calls were made through Call Center or private
telephone numbers, but lastly (on 21.04.2018 at 01: 30) Team Leader of
GoDaddy Technical Division suggested that the owner should get back to Linux Hosting again.

There is a backup of all information and database. In the direction of GoDaddy Team Leader's suggestion, "ekmeksanati.info" platform will be opened again when a safer Hosting Company is found.

Our respect...